Freitag, 30. September 2016

Digital finance for all: Powering inclusive growth in emerging economies

Von Ralf Keuper

Nachdem sich die Boston Consulting Group kürzlich in Digital Payments 2020: The Making of a $500 Billion Ecosystem in India mit dem Potenzial von Digital Payments auf dem indischen Subkontinent beschäftigt hatte, legt das McKinsey Global Institute mit ihrer Studie Digital finance for all: Powering inclusive growth in emerging economies nach. 

The benefits of digital payments go far beyond driving down costs and increasing the convenience of existing transactions. Like electricity or roads, a digital-payment network can become part of the basic infrastructure of an economy and can underpin a broader and more innovative array of economic activity. We consider three important emerging business models. The first is financial services based on the increased transparency and information about users generated by digital payments. The second type builds on the idea that digital payments allow people to transact in small amounts, creating new opportunities based on micropayments. The third type of new business model is e-commerce and on-demand services made possible by digital payments
Die Entwicklung, die McKinsey beschreibt, wurde von dem Medienphilosophen Marshall McLuhan vor Jahrzehnten skizziert, was auf diesem Blog u.a. in Digital Payments und die magischen Kanäle thematisiert wurde.

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